Custom Packaging and Crating

Custom Cartoning and Crating

Moving or shipping valuable pieces of furniture or artwork requires special packaging to prevent the risk for damage to the item. We build custom boxes or crating for any size needed. Customized packaging helps to ensure that your furniture or artwork safely arrives at its destination. We take the worry out of shipping or storing your cherished valuables.

Art Work Crating

Valuable artwork demands special attention when it comes to handling and packing requirements. We are meticulous in wrapping and placing the item inside a secure and customized carton box or crate. This helps to keep precious artwork undamaged from the process of moving or shipping.

Our Process

  • We wrap product to securely protect the item, prevent moisture & maintain integrity of the glass frame: plastic is used to seal the item, then bubble wrapped to protect against shock, with all facings, angles, feet or bases are then completely covered with 1" foam
  • Customized carton box or crate built to artwork dimensions & needed packing material is added
  • Each frame is either 1" by 4" spaced slats or completely encased by plywood: we use solid 3/8" plywood or 1x4" slats
  • If necessary, the crate is attached to a custom base if a forklift or pallet jack are needed to load & unload during moving
  • Wood grips are added on two sides & ends to ease carrying or lifting
  • Various labels are then attached to identify the item, customer, job order & designated final location


All crating by Qualex Inc. is IPPC Certified and ISPM 15 Compliant with all International Crating Standards. More information at and