Ann Moungian -The Matriarch Of Qualex

Mrs. Moungian's 104 years-and-counting, she has lived through both World Wars, The Great Depression and the recent "not so great" Recession. In her year of birth, 1915, the president of the United Sates was Woodrow Wilson and a loaf of bread was $.06. She has seen presidents and world leaders come and go like the turning of a page, or in Ann's case, a crossword puzzle.

Ann Moungian

Mom, as everyone here at Qualex calls her, works at the office three times a week.. If she is missed at the office, she is always questioned as to her whereabouts. Mom arrives after her Beauty Shop appointment or a Costco run for Qualex supplies. She is consistently accompanied by her rescue dog, Lucky, an Enquirer magazine, and her book of crossword puzzles. As those at Qualex can attest, Lucky doubles as her trusted companion and body guard (but it only takes a treat to win him over). She spends her time with her daughter, Gloria, enjoying the Palos Verdes Coastal views.

Each day that Mrs. Moungian comes to the office, she has a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye- her glasses are lined with rhinestones! Having lived through time of trial, Ann has embraced and shared a powerful work ethic with all of us here at Qualex. Our Mother, while in her early 30's, was widowed with three young children. Through love, loyalty, and commitment, Ann single-handedly reared a secure family. Every day Mrs. Moungian brings to the office the experience of a life lived through the most tumultuous, uncertain and rewarding of times. She tiredlessly worked to create wonderful lives for her children, and in turn, for the people of Qualex, with proven, unyielding success.

April 3, 2019 We Celebrated our Beloved Mrs Moungian's 104th Birthday!