Introducing the Qualex Inc. Team

Qualex Team

Carlos Valdez

Vice President

Qualex Team

Gloria Moungian

Director of Systems and Process Controls

Qualex Team

Ana Badillo

Customer Logistics Manager

Qualex Team

Gloria Brass

Senior Executive Assistant

Qualex Team

Juan Mendoza

Director of Operations

John Moungian Qualex Inc.

Growing up from humble beginnings taught me that success requires having a clear and solid vision to work towards. It was through perserverance, and complete commitment to my vision, that I was able to achieve this goal. I've taken these lessons and used them to build Qualex; hard work, dedication to company values, and focusing on providing the highest quality customer service experience are just some of the factors driving Qualex's growth for over 30 years. This work ethic continues to propel us today in fulfilling Our Vision to "Become the Industry Service Leader."

Qualex supports the personal growth and professional leadership for all staff members. We believe that our most important assets are not only our clients but also our coworkers. Our company culture of treating one another with courtesy and respect is reflected in how we view each other as an extended family. This naturally flows over into valuing every client as part of our family. We look forward to having you join the Qualex Family.

John Moungian, President & CEO